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The audio for Badger’s World: Episode 34: Out To The Black is now available.

This completes the RSS feed for Badger’s World. You can download this and all other Badger’s World episodes, and find the RSS feed URL, by visiting the Badger’s World: Season 2 page. Badger’s World: Season 1 is also linked from there.


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  1. Nick Edwards

    So, here’s a thought. Would anyone be remotely interested in seeing the scripts for Badger’s World…along with notes? I compiled them some time back for my own amusement and never really found the place to post them. We sort of toyed with the idea of linking all the segment scripts from the main Signal website and then didn’t follow through when we realised just how much gorram work it would be…but hey, we suddenly have time to try this with at least one 🙂

    The scripts would be PDFs in 2 volumes (I just need to udpate vol 2 to accomodate the final episode) Here’s a taster of the notes – actually this is totally un-edited and really was how I started writing the last episode…the first flashback scene followed on directly and is essentially identical to what appears in Episode 34: Out to the Black….

    Badgers World: Episode 34 – possible titles and notes

    One From The Vaults (suitable for a prequel episode…hm Bookends 1 and 2 could be a short prequel piece and the final final Final, honest I really fucking mean it this time episode

    Out To The Black – descriptive if Burt becomes a Captain

    Trading Post – could be anything – maybe where Burt and Harry meet up

    Need to incorporate following gag towards the end:

    Harry: I’ve got a problem…..blah blah blah – whatever problem is. Burt will offer some comment/advice briefly and then say

    Burt: I’ve got a problem too.

    Harry: What’s yours?

    Burt: Oh ta very much, mine’s a pint!

    Harry: Oh ta ma duh!

    also can make use of “what sort of job Burt?” “Public Relations Officer, what else you dumb huan dahn!”

    Voiceover: The ‘Verse continues. That much has been evident since humanity arrived over 300 years ago, but in the aftermath of the Unification War and even following the revelations of some Alliance formerly secret projects, this fundamental truth has been foremost in many minds.

    hmm, not sure about that

    Could have a Bookends meets Out of Gas episode: New start for Burt with a ship causes him to reminisce with Harry – cue Flashbacks, Waynes world “doodleydoop, doodleydoop”

    Harry: Is it going to do that every time we try to remember when we first met?

    Burt: ‘Fraid so Harry -it’s just how it is

    Gives a chance for some non-linear storytelling – can switch between timezones by WayBack Machine conceit or signal by different Bar sounds back background.

    Harry: So that’s it, we just going to sail off into the sunset?

    Burt: Sunrise, Harry; we’re in orbit fer Buddah’s sake

    Ships to mention: Kepler Light Bulk Transport (Burt’s ship..The Rocinante?), Komodo Mid Bulk Transport, Sandfly (Bellflower), Firefly Mk1-4 (+Gunboat variant during the war), Scarab (Redemption) probably have to have the bar (Pale Horse Saloon? from the game) in the docks – just not Persephone. (Belmonde? Maidenhead Bar mention?) Trans U (The Brutus- refer to the design as Fugly)

    [Edit: this was changed to Orion Transport in the actual script – the Reaver ship in Serenity the Pilot was a Trans U. Jill spotted the error 🙂 ]

    Setup: Badger has gone legit. No, really. So can’t be having remnants of his shady past around to remind people of his less than savoury history (several possible gags/digs there). Harry was fired/made reundant (probably at gunpoint). Badger moved out of the docks, went uptown as he’d always wanted. Chen bought out his share of the Emporium and is sole owner now (doing very well for herself) of a chain of dockside establishemnts on several worlds.
    Burt has invested his ill gotten gains in a ship – legit as well – the previous employers had an unfortunate accident involving unlicenced terraforming nanobots and squirrels (Terraformers reference) and no longer sought Burt and his scammed money. He’s free now to travel, make money from high value, low bulk goods (the nano scam taught him the value of small volume, high premium materials) He offers Harry a job (“own bunk and everything!”) and “bugger me if I haven’t gone and got myself respectable!” (hence “Mister” Burt). His missus approves: he’s out of her hair for weeks at a time, they have a nice little permanent holding on Albion, he makes enough coin to “keep my little lotus blossom in the manner to which she’s finally become accustomed to” and they are not on the run from anyone – “and I’m bloody well keeping it that way!” Plus, the pub in the village serves the best pint for miles!

    “Of course, I do miss the ocassional chance to thump someone – I have to employ people to do that now otherwise it could be a bit awkward”. “But that’s where you come in Harry!”

    Flashbacks to Chen’s (have to have Chen in significant amounts), but that’s it. “Persephone is Badger’s World now -and he’s bloody welcome to it. No room for us there these days and legit or not, it’s probably best not to do too much business there. ”
    Burt misses being called Mister Burt by Chen – so quite likes the honorific being applied by others now

    Burt: Evenin’ Chen, pint of the usual.

    …..and that scene then more or less writes itself as it appears in the final Holiday Special.

    So it’s a blog, so I wrote stuff, so there 🙂

  2. Lynelle

    I’m sure if the scripts and notes were available as a PDF, there would be interest. Us rabid signal fans are always looking for more 😉

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