Diary of a Companion Audio Complete


The audio for Diary of a Companion Part 28 is now available.

This completes the RSS feed for Diary of a Companion. You can download this and all other Diary of a Companion episodes, and find the RSS feed URL, by visiting the Diary of a Companion page.


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3 Responses to Diary of a Companion Audio Complete

  1. A.E. Welling

    Not a post exactly related to Diary of a Companion… I’d like to ask if there is an RSS of “How to Speak Chinese” ?
    I could swear I heard about it in past episodes

  2. No, not yet, but there most certainly will be.

    What you might be remembering from past episodes is that, once upon a time, there was a concatenation of the old HtSC episodes – the ones voiced by JD Ravatt. That was something we did long before the concept of per-series-feeds even existed, and it is no longer available. Now we think the new way is better, so rest assured HtsC will be made available in the new RSS form. Just, please be patient – we’re sort of taking things easy at the moment.

    • A.E. Welling

      Thank You, Jill.
      Yes Ma’am.
      Patience is somethin’ I’m havin’ a ‘plenty and mine’s not tobe found anywhere near Whitefall.
      I’m figurin’ when it’s done and ready…that’s when it’ll be done.

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