Sending a Wave Bonus Show – Jan 2015

Sending a Wave Bonus Show – Jan 2015

Wendy over at Sending a Wave has just posted their Jan 2015 Bonus Show, which is a recording from DragonCon 2014 of the “Fans Are Doing It For Themselves” panel.

As well as Wendy the other panellists were myself, Les and Kari, thanks to Wendy for recording and sharing this.



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3 Responses to Sending a Wave Bonus Show – Jan 2015

  1. Nick Edwards

    Shiny! Wish I could have been there.

  2. I just finished listening to this, and it’s great. The voices of Les, Kari and Andy make it seem almost like another Signal episode, and of course Wendy is great too. Well worth listening to.

  3. Lynelle

    Short version:

    Loved the show, made me weep. Re: the “cooking on the engine” portion, specifically, the Banh Mi. Kudos on trying a Vietnamese sandwich on the engine block, that had me really tickled! I wanted to suggest another option for sandwich filling. A very traditional canned sandwich filling for Banh Mi is pâté. This is often made from chicken livers, or pork meat, or a blend, with added spices and is very tasty, and is more universally appetizing than sardines! You can usually find it in Banh Mi shops or in Asian markets. I hope you will try it on your next road trip!

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