Feedback – Pandora Browncoats?

A message from a listener that we wanted to send out to the Browncoats everywhere.

Hi guys!

My fellow Pennsylvania Browncoats and I have been trying to get a Pandora station started with all the shiny browncoat music from the verse. I had tried to start a list but the soundtracks to the movie and series aren’t in Pandora’s library. Neither are the Bedlam Bards!! Pandora said they are willing to do it, but it seemed like a general cookie cutter response to my request. They sent me the link for artists to sign up and submit their music –

So can we try to contact some artists and get them signed up? Not sure what you all think about this idea and maybe there is already a good browncoat channel out there? You guys always showcase such great music, I thought this would be a good place to try and get the ball rolling.

Thanks in advance! 🙂

Tanya Dapkey

Tanya, Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I, for one, would love to have that option for a station on Pandora.

If anyone has ideas or suggestions on how to get this started let us know in the comments! We can try to contact the ones we know, but I’m sure there are others that we haven’t been exposed to yet. We are all about spreading the word to create more exposure for the awesome Firefly/Serenity music and those that are inspired by the show.



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  1. Eric Hess

    Hey, may I suggest that PANDORA visit the Signal website and just check out the Music section of Series. All of the recordings hosted by the Signal are listed there, and provide notes pointing to where they are, as well as the episodes in which the collections are.

    I have all 3 Songs From the Black collections burned to CD-R, for distribution, if need be.

  2. Jesse

    Either the artists need to sign up or a listener needs to make their station public.

  3. Tanya

    Jesse is right. Sean Faust, a Pennsylvania Browncoat, uploaded his songs to Pandora. We can write to our favorite artists and send them the link and explain our hope of a Browncoat Pandora channel. If we send them the Pandora link to add their music, we can make it easy for them to participate!
    Also – does anyone know who we contact to get the official soundtracks onto Pandora? I am kinda stumped there. 🙂

  4. At the moment I’m still waiting! We’ll hopefully have some good news soon!

    Signal for CSTS and Equality Now!

  5. Tanya

    p.s. Miranda – thanks so much for posting this!

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