Badger’s World Bloopers


Wee snipet of fun – originally made for the Polish versions of the Badger’s World CDs, delivered by Wendy Scott of Sending a Wave to a Polish Firefly con a couple of years ago. (This particular blooper collection was not published in any episode of The Signal – not PG13!)

BTW, I usually swear a *lot* more that this when I mess up – as any editor of my recordings will attest 🙂


by | February 23, 2015 · 9:57 pm

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  1. Is there a place where I can find the Badger’s World series collected? I’d love to give it a straight listen!

    • Nick Edwards

      Well, if you look back at the post Badger’s World Audio Complete from early January right here here in the blog – why yes there is! It’s all basically linked back from The Signal website – as are most of our segments and series – you can download individual files to make your own compilation (I even have some CD cover art PDFs if you wanted to make a hard copy – I’ve done a few for giveaways and prizes) or you can use the RSS feed with a podcatcher programme to download them on a regular basis if you want to spread it out.

      Obviously, posts get pushed down, so here’s the direct links again


      and here:

      Basically, it’s just about possible to build your own custom Signal episodes for personal listening (without banter, chat and intros becasue they are spread throughout all the episodes and don’t really exist as discrete files because they are put together during the show build – so there’s several thousand individual bits of that stuff – not something that lends itself to a seperate feed!) with whatever segments most interest you. It’s not totally complete – as the posts about BW and Diary of a Companion a few weeks back show, but Paul gets round to adding new segments without current individual feeds as and when he can, so it’s getting there 🙂 But most of the discrete series of segments are done.

      Just a warning – Eavesdown Docks by the Bedlam Bards is terrific – but 13 or 14 iterations of that on the trot might get tiresome – but the title is buried in there, so you *have* to listen to it 🙂

      Cedric and Hawke were great – I have a picture somewhere, but can’t find it right now, so here’s the Signal Live Crew at Dragon Con 2010 where I met the Bards, Marian Call, Marc Gunn, lots of awesome browncoats. almost met Stan Lee and and got very, very drunk with the crew of Browncoats Redemption 🙂

      Signal Live Crew Dragon Com 2010 - photobombed by Ben!

  2. Stuart

    Fun little compilation. 🙂
    The swearing wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be. 😉

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