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In this episode, we introduce you to Orange, available on Funimation (dubbed) and CrunchyRoll (subtitled).

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Orange is an anime, a manga, and a live action movie, about a 16-year old girl, Naho, who begins to receive letters from her 26-year old future self. The letters instruct her to change the future, to prevent the death of someone important to her, a boy name Kukiru.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Future-Naho only knows what went wrong, not how to do it right, and the more present-Naho changes things, the less useful the letters become. She’s going to have to rely on her wits, and her friends, and her love, and most importantly, she’s going to have to need courage.

In this episode of Broadwaves, we introduce you to Orange, and we do it without giving away any major spoilers – because if you haven’t seen it yet, we want you to watch it.

Where to find Orange:

Music used in this episode:

  • Broadwaves theme tune
    • “Tishiana Girls” by Great Big Sea
  • Orange theme tunes
    • “Hikari no Haben” by Yu Takahashi
    • “Mirai” by Kobukuru


  • 0:01 Broadwaves opening theme
  • 0:33 Discussion
  • 5:10 The Truth of the Signal
  • 14:31 Discussion
  • 15:37 Orange opening theme
  • 19:45 Discussion
  • 21:22 Feature: Manga vs Comics vs Webtoons
  • 26:48 Discussion
  • 31:00 Feedback
  • 34:07 Discussion
  • 34:19 Feature: If I had known then what I know now
  • 47:22 Discussion
  • 48:04 Orange closing theme
  • 53:13 Discussion
  • 56:06 Broadwaves closing theme

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