Firefly Fan Film Roundup

So, this is just to highlight a long term repository of Firefly Fan activity – specifically that of fan films – maintained by one of our listeners from way back (who is also involved in some of these projects) up to the present, on the old FireflyDVD forum (set up by Jeremy Neish of Done The Impossible and the previous home of The Signal forum. All of that great stuff is still there and Mike’s Fan Film Roundup in particular is a valuable record of this side of the fandom.)

Main reason for mentioning this is that a *new* fan film is in development – see the latest post from Mike and also the actual website

The Bellflower is still going of course, a new Firefly RPG podcast (Balls and Bayonets – recently highlighted on Sending a Wave) and now a new fan film project, plus the Firefly Online game due later this year, oh yes and Can’t Stop The Serenity is in it’s 10th year and has now raised over $1 million for Equality Now and other charities….The Signal may not be making podcasts any more, but things are emphatically *not* standing still in the Firefly Fan ‘Verse 🙂



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  1. Lynelle

    Thank you for posting this. I’ve been looking for this exact thing. I’ve been a Browncoats for a long time but I’ve missed most of the fan projects.

    • Nick Edwards

      Well, several are still going and as you can see, others are just starting, so even though the fandom is settling into a more mature state at a rather reduced level to the pre-Serenity days of 10 years ago (yes, that long), it still attracts new fen and even commercial interest as a potentially profitable long term licensing property (Firefly Online and the Firefly RPG to name but 2) so even *Fox* is still interested in Firefly! (Ironic no?)

      Here’s another collection (now sadly inactive) of Firefly Fan activity that can still be fascinating to mine for info on past projects and some that may still be active.

      Great thing about the net is that stuff like this often stays available.

      Here’s another

      and another

      you go digging, you can find some real treasure. And of course The Signal main site still has all our show notes with links and info about the stuff we covered, as well as the shows themselves.

  2. Frank Harr

    Oo! Sounds like fun!

  3. Somthing related to this topic…
    A new comedy from Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion produced by YOU!

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