What’s with all the recent episode posts? (long version)

Well now, you may have noticed that we’ve recently listed a bunch of Broadwaves episodes in addition to the current Orange (A) show.

I’d love to say that there’s a funny story attached to the reasons for this, but that would be exaggerating somewhat 🙂

Basically, we forgot 🙂

Oh we published the shows of course and if you’ve subscribed or look at the RSS feed, you’ll have already had or can see all the episodes we have done in the correct order. The full listing is here:


and looks like this:


List of Episodes

Broadwaves is a podcast dedicated to finding great stuff to watch on TV and elsewhere – from the people who brought you “The Signal”.

We aim to produce one 60-minute episode each month, in which we talk about, recommend, and analyse shows that you might not otherwise have heard of, are fun, and are available to watch (and our definition of “show” is quite broad – we include TV, movies, radio, books, etc.)

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Sense8 was our first show and we talk a bit more about this in the current show in light of recent cool events.
Anyhoo… many apologies for the slightly confusing order of things lately, but while we’re OK at making the shows, organising how we tell you about them clearly still needs a bit of work. We will try to get better at this. (Better had, as the list of shows we want to do is getting ever longer!! 🙂
Thanks for listening!

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