Happy – and Sad (Buggerit)

So this, is good:


BDHs, check, meta story, check, no main studio involved, check, Joss approved, check. Geektastic achievement unlocked and hoo boy is this getting funded! Yeah, I’d buy that for a dollar 🙂


The universe though, having no sense of fun whatsoever, then drops this on the collective fanverse mere days it seems after robbing us of another SF icon.




This one really hurts though. Met Pterry (twice, once professionally, once as fan  – the online interactions back in the alt.fan.pratchett days when he still posted don’t really count). Had a pint with Pterry (that was the fan one of course – WorldCon 2005 – there he was, in the middle of the bar – at a SciFi Con – and *nobody* was talking to him! So I re-introduced myself (not surprisingly he didn’t recall a school visit many years before, nothing to do with Alzheimers) and I was able to share a beer  and natter for a very pleasant hour or so before some of his actual friends showed up and rescued him. Very pleasant, a bit shy but immense wit and warmth that came over in his books unfettered by the shyness. Really rather liked the bloke and his work. Wish I could remember the conversation but I was a few pints ahead of him at that point 🙂

Drinking a toast of Discworld Bugarup Blonde tonight in memory of a real talented guy who was gracious enough to put up with a half cut fan at a con for a while – very nice BTW. From the bottle: “The UK’s chief medical officer recommends that men not regularly exceed 3-4 units daily and women 2-3 units daily” Terry Pratchett recommends “When glass is empty, stop drinking”

The tweets did for me though –

To coin his own phrase, Buggerit.
Announced on his Twiter feed in 3 posts thus:


“Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.”

“The End”.


He will be much missed and remembered with much affection and admiration.



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