Wot I did at the weekend

So I and a couple of mates went to London Super Comic Con last weekend. Lot of fun, well organised, got all the comics I took with me signed by the respective artists and writers I wanted to get the signatures of – and a very enjoyable panel to celebrate 10 years of a very sucessful comics podcast –  Comic Geek Speak.

And I just happened to record the whole thing – which turned out to be handy as neither the con or CGS were recording the panel. I sent Pants (seriously) the link to my file this morning and it is already out as episode 1544 of Comic Geek Speak! That’s what I call a fast turn around! (And yes, they’ve been doing podcasts – a *lot* of podcasts for 10 years, all for free and all very in depth with the knowledge of Comics)

Something my comic reading buddies and I have been planning to do is make our own comics related (‘cos we don’t just chat about comics) podcast that essentially will feature the often amusing and entertaining chats in the pub every Saturday before or after going to the comic shop (Comic Connections in Banbury) – basically just your average Brit comics buyers shooting the shit in the pub (hey, the Irish Pubcast do it, so why can’t we – theirs is very good BTW)

We’re calling the planned ‘cast AlcoComics Annonymous. I’ll post when we get the first proper episode out 🙂

So, here is the link to the CGS panel – recorded with my Zoom H4 basically just plonked on their table, so it’s not terrific quality, but you can hear most of what is going on and I did ask a technical question regarding editing – I’m with Pants Philiosophy on that one 🙂




Oh and as well as CGS, I got a bumper for AlcoComics Annonymous from Garth Ennis. Yes Mr Garth “Preacher” Ennis. Who was great BTW and signed my 1st 3 issues of Hitman. Been reading his stuff a long time and it was a genuine pleasure. (Preacher BTW, if you don’t know, is simply one of the best graphic novel series ever made (originally single issues, but available as 10 trade paperbacks). I rate it as highly as Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan, Alan More’s Watchmen and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. It is a comic epic you simply *need* to read if you like comics.)

So I guess we’d better make this bloody AlcoComics Annonymous ‘cast 🙂



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  1. Frank Harr

    Good job with the recording!

    And good luck with the podcast!

    • Nick Edwards

      Thanks. Came out surprisingly well – but the H4 is a great bit of kit – sort of an audio recording Swiss Army knife. Lots of podcasters use them or the more rugged H2 or similar mid range digital recorders. More expensive than a decent USB mike, but so much more versatile. I’ll be using it for AlcoComics annonymous (we’ve already got some material and a couple of test ‘casts just to see how it performs in a pub – quite well in fact 🙂

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