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our second show about the Anime, Orange with spoilery crew chat and comment is now out and looks rather like this. Let us know what you think – all sorts of Feedback options explained in the show as usual.




Orange (B)

In this episode, we discuss Orange, available on Funimation (dubbed) and CrunchyRoll (subtitled).

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Orange is an anime, a manga, and a live action movie, about a 16-year old girl, Naho, who begins to receive letters from her 26-year old future self. The letters instruct her to change the future, to prevent the death of someone important to her, a boy name Kukiru.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Future-Naho only knows what went wrong, not how to do it right, and the more present-Naho changes things, the less useful the letters become. She’s going to have to rely on her wits, and her friends, and her love, and most importantly, she’s going to have to need courage.

In this episode of Broadwaves, we dive deeper, and discuss what our crew thought of this show. There will be spoilers! Join in the discussion.

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  • 0:01 Broadwaves opening theme
  • 0:33 Discussion
  • 6:02 Broadwaves Crew Chat
  • 31:19 Discussion
  • 34:02 Comic Smörgåsbord: Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon
  • 40:16 Discussion
  • 40:57 Broadwaves Crew Chat
  • 1:04:27 Discussion
  • 1:09:19 Broadwaves closing theme

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  1. Frank Harr

    I’ve now read Orange twice (a while back, but I’ve been busy).

    I really like it. And I understand that the passiveness of Naho and Kakeru frustrates some, but I can understand it. There are quiet people in this world and we need heroes too!

    Even though this is a different culture, I like how the story is developed. The layers of revelation make sense. The end does seem a little easy, though. However, Orange: Future does fix that, I think.

    I can see why Naho and Suwa love Kakeru (platonically, in Suwa’s case). They are nurturers and Kakeru’s a wounded bird. That’s also why they love each other too.

    It’s also interesting to see that with Kakeru’s death, the five spun away and without it, they all stayed friends.

    Takako and Azu seem to have complimentary characters. Azu seems to be a bit more “girly” for lack of a better term on a night I’m rather tired, and Takako is tougher an more willing to get things done (and threaten the bully). I wonder if they’ve known each other the longest in this group.

    I’m not sure I see medicine coming out of Hagita, even if he is a know-it-all. I’d believe more that he became a writer. But I’m reading this though a translator, though, and I realize I might be misunderstanding things.

    I’m sorry that this is not well organized. It’s been a long day.

    Oh, and ending the story on the envelope arriving and young Naho’s home was brilliant and I thought Haruiro Astronaut was a delightful diversion between the main story and the close.

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