Fun video: Bring Firefly Back

A couple of listeners found a video and wanted to share with everyone!

Albie says:
Cool Video… to put on the blog, I’m excited about this and can’t stop listening 😀  “Bring Firefly Back”: A Cher Lloyd parody by geekiarchy


Dave asks: Great costumes and lyrics, but does anyone know what the music is they are parodying?



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4 Responses to Fun video: Bring Firefly Back

  1. Michael Sausaman

    Can’t place the song exactly, but I love the message.

  2. TageRyche

    I don’t know what song they are parodying but I have to admit I kind of liked the song. Nice to see the show still inspiring creativity among the fans.

  3. That’ll be Cher Lloyd’s Want U Back

  4. Dave

    I see … popular music. How fascinating. What will they think of next?

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