New Serenity Comics ‘n stuff

Quote from Joss at SDCC via iO9:


Joss Whedon’s Twist, a six-issue series that he’s putting out next year from Dark Horse Comics. It “basically deals with the most important moral question facing us, which is, why isn’t there a Victorian Female Batman?” And in response to a fan question about Dark Willow, Whedon said Twist will have a certain amount in common with Dark Willow.

Besides that, Dark Horse is releasing a sequel series to the Firefly comic A Leaf on the Wind, and the current runs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and Faith are wrapping up next year. Beyond that, Whedon is working on “stuff I can’t talk about.”

So, more post – Serenity content.

This is good. As for the rest…well, Joss does tend to come up with stuff we like, Fray being a good case in point, so double plus good 🙂

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  1. TageRyche

    Well you know that I’ll be picking up the Serenity series for sure.

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