Broadwaves Update

As mentioned before the new podcast, Broadwaves, is underway. We are recording the first episode to be released in October right now. YAY!

If you missed our first announcement about it, Broadwaves will be a content review podcast where every form of media from any part of the world is fair game. For more details, check out on this post from Jill back in July.

First up for review on the podcast is Sense8 Season One, wherein we will give you our take on why you should watch this Netflix original. If you have already seen it, we would love your feedback. You can email us at feedback (at) broadwaves (dot) org.

Make sure you connect with our Twitter feed @broadwavescast and our Facebook page to keep up with the podcast release information. Right now we don’t have our website complete, but as soon as we do we will let you know at those locations, as well as here at The Signal blog.

Thank you for your continued support!



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3 Responses to Broadwaves Update

  1. Jill Arroway said back in July that I’d been successful in applying to be part of this. I’ve responded privately as requested. I’m saddened that I’m still waiting to be utilised…

    • Nick Edwards

      Not sure what’s going on but we haven’t received any emails as far as I’m aware – and we have checked. The email address is feedback at broadwaves dot org. I don’t think the old Signal one is still active and it’s entirely likely that any personal email you may have had for Jill is long since deactivated or abandonned. The offer is still open of course so please do try that address. If all else fails, there’s the Signal blog – which you posted to – or the Facebook (thesignalpodcast) page – which are definitely active and monitored. Hope to hear from you soon!


      Broadwaves….well the website is still a work in progress, but the feed or the download link is active at

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