New Show! The Lord of the Rings plus Sense8 S2 and Finale

At last!

Our first new format show is out and it’s a monster size issue ūüôā

This time we do the regular main show/book/audio/topic recommendation, which this time is the 1981 BBC Radio 4 adaptation of JRR Tolkein’s The Lord of the Rings. And yes the movies get mentioned too ūüôā

There’s some topical comment about the Buffy “reboot”, a huge comics recommendation for SAGA by Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples¬† – that’s sort of the Show A part and then we hear right on into the Show B part with a¬† terrific crew chat about the topic of our very first show, the amazing Sense8. Since we did that, there’s been season 2 and the grand finale, so there’s a whole bunch of Sense8 goodness that we didn’t get to cover last time.


And that’s how we’ll continue. A show A part where we make a new recommendation and then the show B chat based segment based on the show A part of the previous show, so you can always just leave the spoilerific half until you have seen/heard/read the subject of the chat part if that’s how you want to do it.

So here it is – the RSS feed link is top left of this page as usual or you can go to

The direct audio link is here:

and this is what is in the show.


  • 0:01¬†Broadwaves opening theme
  • 0:33¬†Discussion
  • 8:46¬†Feedback contact information
  • 10:10¬†Discussion
  • 10:21¬†Feature: Lord of the Rings, part 1
  • 28:01¬†Discussion
  • 28:28¬†Feature: Buffy’s Back
  • 38:36¬†Discussion
  • 41:48¬†Feature: Lord of the Rings, part 2
  • 53:53¬†Lord of the Rings Theme
  • 56:02¬†Discussion
  • 58:06¬†Comic Sm√∂rg√•sbord: Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
  • 1:08:15¬†Discussion
  • 1:10:20¬†Broadwaves Crew Chat: Sense8
  • 1:51:48¬†Discussion
  • 1:53:29¬†Broadwaves closing theme

Oh and give us feedback! We have the next 2 shows already in planning, so hopefully not such a long break before the next show.



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One Response to New Show! The Lord of the Rings plus Sense8 S2 and Finale

  1. I’ve got to say, I’m O.K. with a good reimagining. Not a poor one, of course, but a good one. Just like I’m O.K. with a good follow-up, but not a poor one.

    Star Trek: Discovery, for instance, I don’t think that’s a very good follow-up. There are too jarring elements. It wasn’t until just recently that this might be the result of rules put down by the owners of Star Trek, but that knowledge only helps a little.

    I’d have been better off if it were a reimagining, or, even better, a new show. Things that didn’t jibe could be explained by that, and there’s a lot that doesn’t jibe for me.

    You know, for one of my birthdays, my mom got me the DVD set of the LotR radio adaptation. I wish I had now.

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