New Show! The Lord of the Rings plus Sense8 S2 and Finale

At last!

Our first new format show is out and it’s a monster size issue ūüôā

This time we do the regular main show/book/audio/topic recommendation, which this time is the 1981 BBC Radio 4 adaptation of JRR Tolkein’s The Lord of the Rings. And yes the movies get mentioned too ūüôā

There’s some topical comment about the Buffy “reboot”, a huge comics recommendation for SAGA by Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples¬† – that’s sort of the Show A part and then we hear right on into the Show B part with a¬† terrific crew chat about the topic of our very first show, the amazing Sense8. Since we did that, there’s been season 2 and the grand finale, so there’s a whole bunch of Sense8 goodness that we didn’t get to cover last time.


And that’s how we’ll continue. A show A part where we make a new recommendation and then the show B chat based segment based on the show A part of the previous show, so you can always just leave the spoilerific half until you have seen/heard/read the subject of the chat part if that’s how you want to do it.

So here it is – the RSS feed link is top left of this page as usual or you can go to

The direct audio link is here:

and this is what is in the show.


  • 0:01¬†Broadwaves opening theme
  • 0:33¬†Discussion
  • 8:46¬†Feedback contact information
  • 10:10¬†Discussion
  • 10:21¬†Feature: Lord of the Rings, part 1
  • 28:01¬†Discussion
  • 28:28¬†Feature: Buffy’s Back
  • 38:36¬†Discussion
  • 41:48¬†Feature: Lord of the Rings, part 2
  • 53:53¬†Lord of the Rings Theme
  • 56:02¬†Discussion
  • 58:06¬†Comic Sm√∂rg√•sbord: Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
  • 1:08:15¬†Discussion
  • 1:10:20¬†Broadwaves Crew Chat: Sense8
  • 1:51:48¬†Discussion
  • 1:53:29¬†Broadwaves closing theme

Oh and give us feedback! We have the next 2 shows already in planning, so hopefully not such a long break before the next show.



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