The Signal: Ron Glass Tribute episode

OK, the Ron Glass Tribute episode of The Signal is available to download directly from here

It should also show up in iTunes tomorrow (slight delay due to human error!)

BTW, if you use a modern podcatcher app like Downcast, *watch* the final minutes silence full screen.


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3 Responses to The Signal: Ron Glass Tribute episode

  1. Frank Harr

    It’ll take me a bit to get around to listening, but I will.

  2. Ni hao, all you shiny folks! I still can’t get any podcast client to add Broadwaves, so I bypassed them and d/l manually into a folder named: BROADWAVES.

    I was deeply saddened by the news that Ron Glass passed away. He will be missed, I know this. At least we had a chance to get to know him before he passed.

  3. I am very sad Ron Glass is gone, he was such a good person. And Sheppard Book is still one of my favorite Firefly characters.

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