Welcome to The Signal Blog!

Here all of our former crew can post the events that are going on in the ‘Verse with you our listeners.

We will have news, audio clips, updates on our projects and allow you to still give us feedback.

If you would like to subscribe to the blog feed, you can do so by entering your email in the form widget on the left side of this page. The posts will also be filtered through to our facebook page, so you can like us and get all our updates there. Of course, we also have the traditional method of subscribing to our rss feed. It is located at the bottom of the meta section in the sidebar to the left!

Even though we won’t be publishing on a set schedule, we hope that you will continue to interact with us so we can all “keep flying.”


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22 Responses to Welcome to The Signal Blog!

  1. Hi, I’m really looking forward to following this blog. Great last bonus show!

  2. TageRyche

    I just listened to the Last Bonus Show and was a bit heartened to hear the news about the blog. I’m signed up and ready to go forward with what is to come here.

    By the way, thanks for including my email in the feedback section!

  3. A.E. Welling

    Well, I finally show up.
    And it’s at the gorramn End.
    I acquired the Series a time ago & just back in Sept. of last year sat & watched. And re-watched. The Film , too. Hunted up the Signal podcast & saw just how much there was.
    Determined, I began with Season 1 Episode 1 & am currently on Season 7 Episode 13.1.
    All of the Signal Crew (in all the various versions) Are Wonderous & Shiney folk.
    Just a tad disheartened that I can not E or Voicemail the show. Never got to.
    But I still have much listening to do.
    Gonna start on Firefly Talk after I get to The Signal: The Movie

    See you in the world.

  4. Graeme

    I’m am still in the middle of listening to the Holiday Special. It is a fantastic show and a really great (and I’ll admit, emotional) way to close out the podcast. Well done, and I’m looking forward to hearing the drips and drabs from all the crew on the blog.

  5. Dave Tomasic

    Just finished listening to the final journey of the crew. Awesome! Despite it bringing the Signal to a close, it could not have been done any better. Keep flying. dave

    • Nick Edwards

      Hey Dave! Great to see ex Crew still keeping in touch and listening. I’m glad you liked what we did with it – it was a lot of fun to do – and a lot of work, but I think it was worth it to close out the way we did. We tried to give credit to every single crew member who flew with us along the way at the end of the show and I’m glad that you were able to be part of it for a time. Hope things have gone well for you since you left! Several of us will be lurking around and posting stuff now and then, so we’re not gone completely. And of course Broadwaves will turn up next year with hopefully something a bit different and also something that’s a bit familiar too 🙂


  6. I am a late comer to the Signal though I wasn’t to Firefly and Serenity. I am till going through all the seasons, but I did catch this last and final one including the final show/Christmas Special. That show was epic, you took us on a journey for 10 years and I felt that was a great conclusion! I won’t say final as I do hope that after Avengers 2 is out we will have a new announcement and the Signal can fire her up again and send out the waves for Serenity 2!

    • Nick Edwards

      I think we’ve always said that should Serenity 2 happen or Firefly be revived, many of us would be back to similarly revive The Signal as a podcast again – bit of a no brainer really! 🙂 One can hope. In the meantime we’re glad everyone enjoyed the final show – it was a real blast doing it.

  7. Lioness

    Since I’m in denial that the Signal has come to an end, I am listening to only about 10 minutes at a time from the um, most recent, episode.
    I’ve been listening since the beginning and met some good people because of it. (Hi Nick!). It would be sorely missed if it was actually over.
    Which it isn’t. (Hands over ears)

  8. I miss the Signal! I miss the great crew, the fan love, the Browncoatiness, all the great segments.

    I’m very glad the blog is here now, and glad the Signal crew are still involved. Keep flyin’, guys and girls and fuzzy-wuzzies!

    (I also miss Firefly Talks and the few fanfic audio dramas, and it’s good they’re still out there to enjoy.)

    It’s good to hear the ladies at Sending A Wave podcast, bravely sending out their own signal.

    Through them, I’d heard the new Firefly Podcast: Balls and Bayonets Brigade, with their podcast RPG just starting up.

    I’d love to hear new Firefly/Serenity audio dramas and things like the series that ran on the Signal. Heck, I’d enjoy voicing characters in the ‘Verse.

    My audio voice work is listed at: shinyfiction.com/audio/

    But my main reason to post here is — I love the Signal and I miss hearing new episodes. Keep shiny, y’all!

  9. Nick Edwards

    Hi Blue Cat, Hi Sheilah, (is that you Global Coordinating CSTS? Way to Go!)

    yes, well, lets just say we’re on an undefined hiatus then…. and of course, several of us will be back with Broadwaves sometime next year, so that’s not entirely stretching the truth 🙂

    Very pleased to hear about the new Firefly RPG based podcast starting up – it sounds like the game is almost tailor made to be a ‘Verse story generator. Hope it goes well.

    And it’s not the only newer project – see the new post about a new Fan Film short in development.

    • Lioness

      Yup, after saying no for years I finally said yes. We’ve got some great things planned for the 10th year. In fact I’m bring a few things over to the UK next week for the registered events.

      • Nick Edwards

        Shame I’m so busy – not been able to attend an event for the last couple of years and may not this year either 🙁

        But very glad that the 10 year anniversary sees it all still going strong.

        • Lioness

          Nick! It’s one afternoon or evening! You can do it!
          We know there is an event in Beeston, south of Nottingham, and I expect that London will be back although we haven’t heard from them yet. Or make a proper trip of it and head up to Edinburgh where an event will be celebrating 10 years since Serenity premiered there.

  10. Need to explain how that cunning plan works? Or why it didn’t? You can say, “DUANG!” in an impressively remonstrative tone!

    Wikipedia’s home page right now has a newly-coined Chinese word and ideogram, “duang,” apparently onomatopoeic, with an explanatory article. It has to do with Jackie Chan and shampoo. (No, really, not making this up!)


    The word was newly coined and became the top trending topic on China’s equivalent of Twitter. Yes, thousands of Chinese people coming up with meanings for a new word.

    So the next time you want to use some cool Chinese, possibly while watching Firefly, just insert a dramatic “duang!” at a suitably tense moment.

    Just thought I’d brighten your day a bit. It brightened mine.

    (I downloaded the graphic for the new Chinese character, too. It’s included on the Wiki page.)


  11. Also, according to Google Translate, Browncoat in Chinese is:

    Zōngsè wàiyī

  12. I am wondering is everyone getting out to support Avengers Age of Ultron? So far it is looking like it will be record setting, and since this is Joss’s last movie for the Marvel, (for now) we can possibly be hoping that Serenity 2-3 can be on the way in the not too distant future? I do know Joss has stated he just wants to sleep now, but after his long due rest time, I hope he will then have the energy to get Serenity/Firefly back on the big damn screen!

  13. TageRyche

    Saw the movie today, don’t see more Serenity on the big screen though.

    • I have been able to find some recent interviews, where Joss indicates he would like to finish the story, though I guess it could just be in comic book/graphic novel form. At this point my thoughts are anything is possible.

  14. Eric Hess

    Long time, no hear. I was looking thru some thumbdrives last weekend, found one looks like a bullet. Plugged it in, in the car, and lo and behold, it’s The Movie, the very last episode. Still wish that the Signal was a regular feature, but that is not to be. Lots and lots of shiny moments over the 10 year run, and I am glad that it lasted that long. I still get updates from SAWave, so all is not lost. I do look forward to the forthcoming “Broadwaves” programming, because coming from a the crew that did all of that shiny goodness, it is bound to be just as stellar.

  15. I hope you all know by now. Serenity is now out in all it’s ultra 4k glory. about to watch it tonight. Gonna be awesome and another good excuse to help out the cause.

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