Broadwaves: Batman – Knightfall


In this episode, we discuss the BBC audio drama, Batman: Knightfall.

Batman: Knightfall is a three-hour audio drama made by the BBC, based on the Batman comics.

In this episode of Broadwaves, we introduce you to Batman: Knightfall, and we do it without giving away any major spoilers – because if you haven’t heard it yet, we want you to listen to it.

Music used in this episode:

  • Broadwaves theme tune
    • Tishiana Girls by Great Big Sea
  • Call for Feedback
    • Music from Serenity by David Newman

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  • The Sense8 Podcast
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  • 0:01 Broadwaves opening theme
  • 0:33 Discussion
  • 2:46 Call for Feedback
  • 4:09 Discussion
  • 7:53 Feature: Knightfall: The BBC Audio Drama Adaptation
  • 28:59 Discussion
  • 33:04 Feature: I Want it All
  • 40:45 Discussion
  • 46:46 Comic Smörgåsbord: The Sculptor by Scott McCloud
  • 51:39 Discussion
  • 56:55 Broadwaves closing theme


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3 Responses to Broadwaves: Batman – Knightfall

  1. Frank Harr

    It took me WAY too long to get to it. It’s god to get to it finally.

  2. Frank Harr

    You know, NPR did an audio adaptation of the first three Star Wars movies. You know, IV, V and VI.

    Also, have you guys heard of Stand Still Stay Silent?

  3. Frank Harr

    I can see why Wheedon feels the way he does. He’s a creator. It makes sense from his point of view.

    I can see Arroway’s point, too. In fact, I lean a little towards her position, but I’m not an Amazon or Netflicks subscriber, so it doesn’t really matter.

    Segment title suggestion: Reading Comics.

    Well, guys, read on.

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