Episode 6: Signal: The Movie


The holiday special is here, and this marks the end of the road for the Signal as a podcast. We decided that the podcast should end with a bang, not with a whimper, and so here it is – the biggest bang that we could make. We hope you like it.


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14 Responses to Episode 6: Signal: The Movie

  1. I absolutely love it! I skipped my night’s sleep to listen to it as soon as it popped up. I didn’t read the description as I wanted to go in blind and enjoy the journey. I am amazed as to the amount of work that was put into this final show. It is what the show deserved. After hearing this I understand the decision to go out with a proper ending. As series finales go, this will rank up there with some of my favorite TV finales of all time, and to say that about a podcast is absolutely amazing. The signal has had such an impact on my life, it’s immeasurable. Thank you to the entire crew of The Signal, stay shiny, and keep flying…

  2. TageRyche

    I just finished listening to the final blowout Holiday Special and I have to say that everyone involved really made the 4 1/2 hour running time well worth the investment. So much good stuff touched on once again.

    I will say that I will definitely miss Helen Eaton’s writing a lot because her work always drew me in.

    And for my email to be read by the Podcasting Godfather himself, Kevin Bachelder…wow that’s quite the thing in my book.

    Keep Flyin’!

  3. Jill Arroway

    Thanks for the nice comments. Making this episode was the most fun thing we’ve ever done. The chance to get back some of the well-loved crew members from the past, and to revive some popular segments from the past, was too good an opportunity to pass up. I liked that we could mix it up too: we could have old crew (Claire) doing new segments (Firefly in Five Lines), and then new crew (Corny) doing old segments (Blue Sun Public Service Announcement). It was a blast.

  4. TageRyche


    Indeed everything was just great.

    And the blog being established so we know what’s going on with crew members Post-TheSignal is a great idea.

    Who is going to Broadwaves with you again?

  5. Nick Edwards

    I think Matthew was also interested and Ben and Elanor (2 of my kids who have done Signal voicework and who are huge geeks – parental achievment unlocked!) expressed an interest too.

    BTW, there *will* be a blog exclusive along shortly – the QMx/Sparkplug Games FFO Game Developer interview *in full* – over an hour of FFO discussion straight from the horses mouth. There are some *very* interesting details in there 🙂

    Can’t promise anything, but there is certainly potential here for post Signal bits and pieces from the crew that are sticking around for Broadwaves and of course potentially from subscibers too, but lines of communication with QMX/FFO/SaW/Other podcasts remain open of course 🙂

  6. TageRyche

    Nick, that would be good. I like the idea of being able to keep getting my Firefly related stuff from one reliable source.

  7. Oliver Esmonde

    That was one hell of a show. It felt like a proper send-off to The Signal.
    Also, thanks for reading out my e-mail on the final episode. I got a real kick out of that.

  8. Gnarl

    As someone that’s listened from about the time you released your third podcast, I could never have dreamt such a wonderful send off. You should all be incredibly proud of the show, in the general and in this particular case. – when 4+ hours turned up on my mp3 player I honestly thought my download had been corrupted. After missing the normal density of Signal goodness this year this made it all worth it. Thanks for all the years of the best podcast I’ve ever heard, hope you all go on to even better things.

  9. TallCard

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I have been listening to The Signal since Season 1, and I was so sad when I heard The Signal was ending. The last show was fantastic – way beyond anything I imagined it would be. Thank you for the respect you showed to The Signal listeners to end with such a depth of care. It was an obvious labor of love from all. A very satisfying ending. I enjoyed every minute of the 4.5 hrs.
    Keep Flyin’

    • Nick Edwards

      Thank *you*! We’ve had so many lovely comments, not just on the blog, and we really appreciate it. As we’ve said so many times, the show could not have become what it was without our listener’s support, feedback and sheer number of downloads! Love keeps her in the air so I hear 🙂 But the time was right for many of us and for the show itself, so so going out on a high seemed like the only right thing to do. It was a hell of a ride and I started off as a listener too, like quite a few of the crew, so joining (in a pub as it happens….so often the way… 🙂 was a bit of a blast (and shock to the system once I realised just how much gorram work was involved) and I’m so proud to have played a part. The Signal pushed me and inspired me and gave me back a great and varied experience, many good long term friends and some excellent stories for my geeky old age 🙂


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