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The Signal: Ron Glass Tribute episode

OK, the Ron Glass Tribute episode of The Signal is available to download directly from here

It should also show up in iTunes tomorrow (slight delay due to human error!)

BTW, if you use a modern podcatcher app like Downcast, *watch* the final minutes silence full screen.


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New Serenity Comics ‘n stuff

Quote from Joss at SDCC via iO9:


Joss Whedon’s Twist, a six-issue series that he’s putting out next year from Dark Horse Comics. It “basically deals with the most important moral question facing us, which is, why isn’t there a Victorian Female Batman?” And in response to a fan question about Dark Willow, Whedon said Twist will have a certain amount in common with Dark Willow.

Besides that, Dark Horse is releasing a sequel series to the Firefly comic A Leaf on the Wind, and the current runs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and Faith are wrapping up next year. Beyond that, Whedon is working on “stuff I can’t talk about.”

So, more post – Serenity content.

This is good. As for the rest…well, Joss does tend to come up with stuff we like, Fray being a good case in point, so double plus good 🙂

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Con Man Trailer (with added Spectrum!!!)

The sad thing is, we really would all have been fans of Spectrum if it had been real 🙂

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Fallen Stars

Not sure how I managed to miss this, but there are 2 very shiny EPs of Firefilk by the Fallen Stars here


All original songs with the exception of an unusual edit (Ben Edlund approved!) of Hero of Canton – which starts like all the other versions, but listen to the counterpoint!

You can listen to them all for free on their site (there are also some vids) or download  them and pay for keeps – a portion goes to Equality Now, which is also very shiny, so a win win situation. There’s also a load of background info on the music (not just Firefly inspired)

How come we never found this in time to feature them in the Signal Music Section, ‘cos I’m gorram sure we would have done 🙂


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SaW Bonus Show

And this:

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Ariel Ambulance Fund


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Wot I did at the weekend

So I and a couple of mates went to London Super Comic Con last weekend. Lot of fun, well organised, got all the comics I took with me signed by the respective artists and writers I wanted to get the signatures of – and a very enjoyable panel to celebrate 10 years of a very sucessful comics podcast –  Comic Geek Speak.

And I just happened to record the whole thing – which turned out to be handy as neither the con or CGS were recording the panel. I sent Pants (seriously) the link to my file this morning and it is already out as episode 1544 of Comic Geek Speak! That’s what I call a fast turn around! (And yes, they’ve been doing podcasts – a *lot* of podcasts for 10 years, all for free and all very in depth with the knowledge of Comics)

Something my comic reading buddies and I have been planning to do is make our own comics related (‘cos we don’t just chat about comics) podcast that essentially will feature the often amusing and entertaining chats in the pub every Saturday before or after going to the comic shop (Comic Connections in Banbury) – basically just your average Brit comics buyers shooting the shit in the pub (hey, the Irish Pubcast do it, so why can’t we – theirs is very good BTW)

We’re calling the planned ‘cast AlcoComics Annonymous. I’ll post when we get the first proper episode out 🙂

So, here is the link to the CGS panel – recorded with my Zoom H4 basically just plonked on their table, so it’s not terrific quality, but you can hear most of what is going on and I did ask a technical question regarding editing – I’m with Pants Philiosophy on that one 🙂



Oh and as well as CGS, I got a bumper for AlcoComics Annonymous from Garth Ennis. Yes Mr Garth “Preacher” Ennis. Who was great BTW and signed my 1st 3 issues of Hitman. Been reading his stuff a long time and it was a genuine pleasure. (Preacher BTW, if you don’t know, is simply one of the best graphic novel series ever made (originally single issues, but available as 10 trade paperbacks). I rate it as highly as Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan, Alan More’s Watchmen and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. It is a comic epic you simply *need* to read if you like comics.)

So I guess we’d better make this bloody AlcoComics Annonymous ‘cast 🙂



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Happy – and Sad (Buggerit)

So this, is good:

BDHs, check, meta story, check, no main studio involved, check, Joss approved, check. Geektastic achievement unlocked and hoo boy is this getting funded! Yeah, I’d buy that for a dollar 🙂


The universe though, having no sense of fun whatsoever, then drops this on the collective fanverse mere days it seems after robbing us of another SF icon.


This one really hurts though. Met Pterry (twice, once professionally, once as fan  – the online interactions back in the days when he still posted don’t really count). Had a pint with Pterry (that was the fan one of course – WorldCon 2005 – there he was, in the middle of the bar – at a SciFi Con – and *nobody* was talking to him! So I re-introduced myself (not surprisingly he didn’t recall a school visit many years before, nothing to do with Alzheimers) and I was able to share a beer  and natter for a very pleasant hour or so before some of his actual friends showed up and rescued him. Very pleasant, a bit shy but immense wit and warmth that came over in his books unfettered by the shyness. Really rather liked the bloke and his work. Wish I could remember the conversation but I was a few pints ahead of him at that point 🙂

Drinking a toast of Discworld Bugarup Blonde tonight in memory of a real talented guy who was gracious enough to put up with a half cut fan at a con for a while – very nice BTW. From the bottle: “The UK’s chief medical officer recommends that men not regularly exceed 3-4 units daily and women 2-3 units daily” Terry Pratchett recommends “When glass is empty, stop drinking”

The tweets did for me though –

To coin his own phrase, Buggerit.
Announced on his Twiter feed in 3 posts thus:


“Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.”

“The End”.


He will be much missed and remembered with much affection and admiration.



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Firefly Fan Film Roundup

So, this is just to highlight a long term repository of Firefly Fan activity – specifically that of fan films – maintained by one of our listeners from way back (who is also involved in some of these projects) up to the present, on the old FireflyDVD forum (set up by Jeremy Neish of Done The Impossible and the previous home of The Signal forum. All of that great stuff is still there and Mike’s Fan Film Roundup in particular is a valuable record of this side of the fandom.)

Main reason for mentioning this is that a *new* fan film is in development – see the latest post from Mike and also the actual website

The Bellflower is still going of course, a new Firefly RPG podcast (Balls and Bayonets – recently highlighted on Sending a Wave) and now a new fan film project, plus the Firefly Online game due later this year, oh yes and Can’t Stop The Serenity is in it’s 10th year and has now raised over $1 million for Equality Now and other charities….The Signal may not be making podcasts any more, but things are emphatically *not* standing still in the Firefly Fan ‘Verse 🙂



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Badger’s World Season 2 Complete Scripts


So, while I’m at this blogging lark, here’s the other larger chunk of all the Badger’s World scripts with a few extra comments and stuff. Make of it what you will 🙂

Badgers World Season 2 The Complete Scripts v5

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