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Badger’s World Bloopers


Wee snipet of fun – originally made for the Polish versions of the Badger’s World CDs, delivered by Wendy Scott of Sending a Wave to a Polish Firefly con a couple of years ago. (This particular blooper collection was not published in any episode of The Signal – not PG13!)

BTW, I usually swear a *lot* more that this when I mess up – as any editor of my recordings will attest 🙂


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Badger’s World Scripts Vol 1


So here’s the link to the first volume of the complete scripts of Badger’s World. A few other Badger related articles are included along with comments.

Badgers World Season 1 The Complete Scripts v4


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QMx/Sparkplug Games Interview – FFO Crew


So here is our first Signal Blog exclusive!

Join Nick, Miranda and Matthew as we talk with Andy Gore of QMx and Adam Cogan and Ben Lichius of Sparkplug Games. We delve into some of the shiny things we can expect from both the soon to be available free Cortex app and of course the long awaited Firefly Online Game.

We lift the hood and metaphorically kick the tyres, as well as go into some of the background of the game’s development and more recent involvement of the BDHs . It’s a great discussion with well over an hour of fascinating detail – a lot of it new and not previously revealed –  direct from the key game developers involved.

(Just to note that this was actually recorded a week before the interview with Andrea Romano about the voice direction in the game, that appeared in Epiosode 5.1. Excerpts from this interview also aired in that show, but this is the full length discussion.)

This was also a lot of fun to record!


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