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Miranda update – Heroescast Reborn

Hi Everyone!

Heroescast RebornWe promised to keep yall updated on our new projects, so I thought I would share my latest podcast endeavor.

One of the shows I always enjoyed (and in fact created a podcast for in the past) was Heroes. This week they are rebooting the series starting five years after the events of the previous series and calling it Heroes Reborn.

At first I was skeptical, but I went to watch the webisode prequel online called Dark Matters and loved the premise. So, we got our The 9th: Heroescast group together, well a few of the group, and started a new podcast.

Heroescast Reborn

It will be mostly a roundtable discussion of the show with feedback and news we hear, but if you are interested in the show please come and listen/join in with us.




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Big Damn British Shindig

A message from a Sarah 

Hello, I’m a member of a group of Browncoats living out on the raggedy edge of Britain in the West Country. We’re looking to throw a shindig next year – The Big Damn British Shindig – which will be held in Penzance (of pirates and smugglers fame). We’re in the planning phase at the moment, so if you’re interested please check out our FaceBook page, let us know what you think, what you’d like to see at the weekend event, and especially if you’d come. Thank you, and stay shiny!

Here is the Facebook link: 

As they make concrete plans we will be sure to keep yall informed!


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Fun video: Bring Firefly Back

A couple of listeners found a video and wanted to share with everyone!

Albie says:
Cool Video… to put on the blog, I’m excited about this and can’t stop listening 😀  “Bring Firefly Back”: A Cher Lloyd parody by geekiarchy


Dave asks: Great costumes and lyrics, but does anyone know what the music is they are parodying?



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Feedback – Dave

Dave sent us a bit of news he wanted to share…

Anyone seen these? Good to know people are still making Firefly stuff.


What it says at the end, the video and links are all interesting too.

We are not flying alone!


Thanks Dave!

I know I had seen the Funko Firefly figures but the bromance is new to me!

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Feedback – Pandora Browncoats?

A message from a listener that we wanted to send out to the Browncoats everywhere.

Hi guys!

My fellow Pennsylvania Browncoats and I have been trying to get a Pandora station started with all the shiny browncoat music from the verse. I had tried to start a list but the soundtracks to the movie and series aren’t in Pandora’s library. Neither are the Bedlam Bards!! Pandora said they are willing to do it, but it seemed like a general cookie cutter response to my request. They sent me the link for artists to sign up and submit their music –

So can we try to contact some artists and get them signed up? Not sure what you all think about this idea and maybe there is already a good browncoat channel out there? You guys always showcase such great music, I thought this would be a good place to try and get the ball rolling.

Thanks in advance! 🙂

Tanya Dapkey

Tanya, Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I, for one, would love to have that option for a station on Pandora.

If anyone has ideas or suggestions on how to get this started let us know in the comments! We can try to contact the ones we know, but I’m sure there are others that we haven’t been exposed to yet. We are all about spreading the word to create more exposure for the awesome Firefly/Serenity music and those that are inspired by the show.



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Welcome to The Signal Blog!

Here all of our former crew can post the events that are going on in the ‘Verse with you our listeners.

We will have news, audio clips, updates on our projects and allow you to still give us feedback.

If you would like to subscribe to the blog feed, you can do so by entering your email in the form widget on the left side of this page. The posts will also be filtered through to our facebook page, so you can like us and get all our updates there. Of course, we also have the traditional method of subscribing to our rss feed. It is located at the bottom of the meta section in the sidebar to the left!

Even though we won’t be publishing on a set schedule, we hope that you will continue to interact with us so we can all “keep flying.”


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