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Sending a Wave Bonus Show – Jan 2015

Sending a Wave Bonus Show – Jan 2015

Wendy over at Sending a Wave has just posted their Jan 2015 Bonus Show, which is a recording from DragonCon 2014 of the “Fans Are Doing It For Themselves” panel.

As well as Wendy the other panellists were myself, Les and Kari, thanks to Wendy for recording and sharing this.



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Episode 5.1 The Last….Bonus Show!


A veritable heap of Firefly Online related goodies we couldn’t fit into the regular final show.

Features include: Editorial: As Of This Moment; Interview: QMx and Sparkplug Games talk FFO; The Cortex; Music Section: Town Combat; Interview: Andrea Romano; Music Section: Prairie Town; Interview: Morena Baccarin


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