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The Signal: Ron Glass Tribute episode

OK, the Ron Glass Tribute episode of The Signal is available to download directly from here

It should also show up in iTunes tomorrow (slight delay due to human error!)

BTW, if you use a modern podcatcher app like Downcast, *watch* the final minutes silence full screen.


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Broadwaves Update

As mentioned before the new podcast, Broadwaves, is underway. We are recording the first episode to be released in October right now. YAY!

If you missed our first announcement about it, Broadwaves will be a content review podcast where every form of media from any part of the world is fair game. For more details, check out on this post from Jill back in July.

First up for review on the podcast is Sense8 Season One, wherein we will give you our take on why you should watch this Netflix original. If you have already seen it, we would love your feedback. You can email us at feedback (at) broadwaves (dot) org.

Make sure you connect with our Twitter feed @broadwavescast and our Facebook page to keep up with the podcast release information. Right now we don’t have our website complete, but as soon as we do we will let you know at those locations, as well as here at The Signal blog.

Thank you for your continued support!



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Broadwaves is Coming

Hey everyone, we have an announcement to make. We’ve started work on our new podcast, Broadwaves, so we’d like to tell you about it, and to tell you a little about the schedule, and also to ask for your help.

Though Broadwaves is based on the segment of the same name from the Signal, we’ve expanded the concept a bit, so what we are planning now promises to be much more than that. The basic idea behind Broadwaves is that we are a recommendation podcast. We will bring to your attention shows that you might have missed, that are obscure or difficult to come by; shows that you might have to go looking for rather than shows that are more mainstream. But, shows that are good, shows that we think are worth recommending.

And by “show”, we don’t always mean TV show. Our scope is essentially unlimited. Any kind of media content is fair game, just so long as we think it’s good enough to recommend.

We’ve decided on a format for the podcast (though obviously that will evolve over time as we learn from our mistakes). We believe there will be, on average, one podcast episode every two weeks. There will be two podcast episodes for every show we review. The first of these, (Part A), will be major-spoiler-free – that is, as spoiler-free as Broadwaves was on the Signal. (It can’t be completely spoiler-free because obviously we have to tell you about it in order to recommend it). The follow-up episode, (part B), will be no-holes-barred spoilerful, which makes it easy for you to skip if you don’t want to be spoilered (or save it until later, which obviously we’d prefer). Between the airing of part A and the airing of part B, we hope you will send us feedback about part A, which we will air in part B. But more than that – perhaps some of you might even marathon the review-show between part A and part B, and that would be the best we could hope for.

We haven’t fully worked out how this will go, but it seems likely we’ll put six weeks between parts A and B to give you a decent chance to watch the show, so our podcast airing order might go something like: 1A (gap) 2A 1B 3A 2B 4A 3B …

Our crew

Our crew consists of, in alphabetical order: Andy King, Craig Kurumada, Jutta Jordans, Jill Arroway, Kevin Bachelder, Miranda Thomas, Nick Edwards, Paul Korswagen.

So, lots of good names from the Signal, there including many folk who had actually left the Signal a while back. You won’t hear every voice on every show though, because we’re dividing our time based on our interests (and real life). Alas, notably absent are Les and Kari, so we might end up having different hosts on each podcast episode.

Our first show: Sense8

Our first episode will review season one of the Netflix original show, Sense8. We are making our podcast episodes now, and we expect to launch our podcast with “Broadwaves E1: Sense8” at the start of October.

One difference between Broadwaves on the Signal, and Broadwaves-the-podcast, is that in the Signal-segment, only one of us might have watched the review-show. In the standalone podcast, we are going to some effort to ensure that many of us have watched it. and so are able to have an unscripted conversation about it.

We need your input on Sense8

Those of you who have already seen Sense8 can help us out. If you’ve already enjoyed this show, please send us some feedback, and we will air it on the podast.

We don’t have a website yet, nor an active Twitter feed, nor a Facebook page, but all these things are on their way. Please be patient.

But we do have an email address – Yay! Our email address is: feedback (at) broadwaves (dot) org. (Sorry for the anti-spam obfuscation there, but we know you’re smart enough to put the pieces together).

You can record something and send it there, or you can just send text. We don’t mind either way; we’ll take both. Please do send us that input. We’d love to use your material, and the more we get, the richer a show we’ll have.

Our second show: ?

There’s another way you can help us out. I’m looking for a volunteer to take part in our second podcast episode. I’m not going to tell you what show we’ll be reviewing. In fact, that’s kinda the point. Think of it as a sort of “lucky dip”. If you become our volunteer, we’ll give you the show to watch. It will be a show you’ve not seen before, so you’ll be watching it for the first time and have that virgin experience. And then we’ll expect you to join in with our crew in the unscripted chat about this show.

Depending on how this goes, we might make this “lucky dip” idea a regular thing. We’ll see.

That’s all the news for now.



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