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Diary of a Companion Audio Complete


The audio for Diary of a Companion Part 28 is now available.

This completes the RSS feed for Diary of a Companion. You can download this and all other Diary of a Companion episodes, and find the RSS feed URL, by visiting the Diary of a Companion page.


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Badger’s World Audio Complete


The audio for Badger’s World: Episode 34: Out To The Black is now available.

This completes the RSS feed for Badger’s World. You can download this and all other Badger’s World episodes, and find the RSS feed URL, by visiting the Badger’s World: Season 2 page. Badger’s World: Season 1 is also linked from there.


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QMx/Sparkplug Games Interview – FFO Crew


So here is our first Signal Blog exclusive!

Join Nick, Miranda and Matthew as we talk with Andy Gore of QMx and Adam Cogan and Ben Lichius of Sparkplug Games. We delve into some of the shiny things we can expect from both the soon to be available free Cortex app and of course the long awaited Firefly Online Game.

We lift the hood and metaphorically kick the tyres, as well as go into some of the background of the game’s development and more recent involvement of the BDHs . It’s a great discussion with well over an hour of fascinating detail – a lot of it new and not previously revealed –  direct from the key game developers involved.

(Just to note that this was actually recorded a week before the interview with Andrea Romano about the voice direction in the game, that appeared in Epiosode 5.1. Excerpts from this interview also aired in that show, but this is the full length discussion.)

This was also a lot of fun to record!


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Signal: The Movie: Opening Theme

There are a lot of different elements which went into the holiday special – too many to cram all into one post. Well, we have a blog now, and that means we can write about anything, so I thought: Why not? So here’s a post which is just about the opening theme tune.

We’ve had a lot of different opening theme tunes over the years. Each season had its own theme tune. Additionally, each season had a secondary theme tune (a slightly modified version of the primary theme) which we used for bonus shows within that season. And just to pile madness upon madness, each holiday special had its own individual theme tune too. Season one had three theme tunes – for before, during, and after the release of the Big Damn Movie.

But until now, we have refrained from being self-indulgent. All of those previous themes were based upon clips from Firefly and Serenity, not on clips from the Signal. (There might have been some teaser clips in the cheesecake episode, but that was a special case). But now, in our final show, we changed the rules. The clips in this opening theme tune were all from previous Signal segments. Those clips were from: Moonshine, Borderline, The Guerrilla Marketing Section, Captain Reynolds’ Way, Adventures in Serenity, Dear BDH, and Banter – none of which appeared in the holiday special itself. It was kinda a medley of some of the segments we didn’t reprise. It was made with pride. It was a showcase. It was our way of saying “We did these. We’re proud of these”. But then none of them were even in the show that was to follow.

That was a lot of fun.

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Episode 6: Signal: The Movie


The holiday special is here, and this marks the end of the road for the Signal as a podcast. We decided that the podcast should end with a bang, not with a whimper, and so here it is – the biggest bang that we could make. We hope you like it.


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Episode 5.1 The Last….Bonus Show!


A veritable heap of Firefly Online related goodies we couldn’t fit into the regular final show.

Features include: Editorial: As Of This Moment; Interview: QMx and Sparkplug Games talk FFO; The Cortex; Music Section: Town Combat; Interview: Andrea Romano; Music Section: Prairie Town; Interview: Morena Baccarin


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