Miranda update – Heroescast Reborn

Hi Everyone!

Heroescast RebornWe promised to keep yall updated on our new projects, so I thought I would share my latest podcast endeavor.

One of the shows I always enjoyed (and in fact created a podcast for in the past) was Heroes. This week they are rebooting the series starting five years after the events of the previous series and calling it Heroes Reborn.

At first I was skeptical, but I went to watch the webisode prequel online called Dark Matters and loved the premise. So, we got our The 9th: Heroescast group together, well a few of the group, and started a new podcast.

Heroescast Reborn

It will be mostly a roundtable discussion of the show with feedback and news we hear, but if you are interested in the show please come and listen/join in with us.




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Big Damn British Shindig

A message from a Sarah 

Hello, I’m a member of a group of Browncoats living out on the raggedy edge of Britain in the West Country. We’re looking to throw a shindig next year – The Big Damn British Shindig – which will be held in Penzance (of pirates and smugglers fame). We’re in the planning phase at the moment, so if you’re interested please check out our FaceBook page, let us know what you think, what you’d like to see at the weekend event, and especially if you’d come. Thank you, and stay shiny!

Here is the Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/429805433896728/ 

As they make concrete plans we will be sure to keep yall informed!


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Greg Edmonson/Joohyn Park Firefly Album

Wow! There’s a Firefly music album I didn’t know about until today!

I just discovered this today on Apple Music. The album is called “Firefly Music for Solo Piano”. Music composed by Greg Edmonson, produced and performed by Joohyn Park. It’s exactly what the title says it is – a performance of all the music from the Firefly soundtrack album, except all done on solo piano. It’s beautiful. River’s Dance is amazing. The last track is an all piano version of the Firefly Theme Tune. It’s gorgeous.

I can’t believe I never discovered this before now.

I have no idea whether or not it’s on Spotify or Pandora or any of the other music streaming services, but it is on Apple Music, so if you have that, check this out.

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New Serenity Comics ‘n stuff

Quote from Joss at SDCC via iO9:


Joss Whedon’s Twist, a six-issue series that he’s putting out next year from Dark Horse Comics. It “basically deals with the most important moral question facing us, which is, why isn’t there a Victorian Female Batman?” And in response to a fan question about Dark Willow, Whedon said Twist will have a certain amount in common with Dark Willow.

Besides that, Dark Horse is releasing a sequel series to the Firefly comic A Leaf on the Wind, and the current runs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and Faith are wrapping up next year. Beyond that, Whedon is working on “stuff I can’t talk about.”

So, more post – Serenity content.

This is good. As for the rest…well, Joss does tend to come up with stuff we like, Fray being a good case in point, so double plus good 🙂

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Con Man Trailer (with added Spectrum!!!)

The sad thing is, we really would all have been fans of Spectrum if it had been real 🙂



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Fallen Stars

Not sure how I managed to miss this, but there are 2 very shiny EPs of Firefilk by the Fallen Stars here




All original songs with the exception of an unusual edit (Ben Edlund approved!) of Hero of Canton – which starts like all the other versions, but listen to the counterpoint!

You can listen to them all for free on their site (there are also some vids) or download  them and pay for keeps – a portion goes to Equality Now, which is also very shiny, so a win win situation. There’s also a load of background info on the music (not just Firefly inspired)

How come we never found this in time to feature them in the Signal Music Section, ‘cos I’m gorram sure we would have done 🙂


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Fun video: Bring Firefly Back

A couple of listeners found a video and wanted to share with everyone!

Albie says:
Cool Video… to put on the blog, I’m excited about this and can’t stop listening 😀  “Bring Firefly Back”: A Cher Lloyd parody by geekiarchy


Dave asks: Great costumes and lyrics, but does anyone know what the music is they are parodying?



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Joss Quits Twitter

I take it by now that most of you have seen the news about Joss quitting Twitter. If not, here’s a news item from the BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-32591260 – and you can find others by googling.

What’s interesting is that Joss’s latest movie has been criticised for being sexist. Now, I haven’t seen it, so I’m not in a position to judge, but I do have a couple of thoughts:

  1. I can’t believe Joss would be sexist, and
  2. The Marvel superhero universe is inherently sexist

so it seems to me that Joss and Marvel Superheroes were never a good fit.

What are other people’s thoughts? Please comment.


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SaW Bonus Show

And this:


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Ariel Ambulance Fund



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